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MD Fashion is an authorized distributor of many fashion and lifestyle brands (Tommy Hilfiger, Under Armour, Calvin Klein, Diesel etc) in Ukraine. The company sells its production both through 140 stores as well as website and iOS application.

Currently MD Fashion looks for new channels for attracting customers and engaging with existing ones. Our task was to redesign existing website and create an Android mobile application to fulfill these goals.

Initial experience

Although not all users start their shopping experience from the homepage (they can get to specific category or product page through search, ads or promotional emails), it is still important to show what type of site it is and what products customers can find here. MD Fashion homepage has different parts such as brands, custom collections, popular categories and items, that could inspire users to explore website and find clothes or shoes they are looking for.

Product list & filtering

Well-designed product list is a foundation of great e-commerce experience. MD Fashion product list has left sidebar with categories that helps users easily understand their current scope and navigate within other product categories while all applied filters are displayed as summary at the top of the page.

MD Fashion is a marketplace so it is neccessary to provide options for brands promotion, such as banner ads and seperate landing pages.

Product page

The product page is where majority of customers make decision on whether or not they want to purchase the item. Images from multiple angles as well as information regarding material, fit and brand help users to better evaluate the product. One of the biggest problem during online shopping is to choose size of the item correctly, so we provide size guide and matching between international and manufacture sizes.

Order flow

Cart page is vital in the product order flow because on this page the customer makes a decision about purchase. What if customer hasn't add any items to cart? Then the website displays favorites and recommended items instead of empty screen and in such a way could increase average order value.

For the checkout we opted for an accordion-style flow where the just-completed step collapses into summary and the new one expands. Such a structure divides all fields into logical chunks such as "Contact information", "Delivery", "Loyalty" and "Payment", thus decreases user's mental workload. Moreover, this type of checkout allows customers to review previously typed information and spot errors earlier on.


The largest part of any e-commerce revenue comes from returning customers and account service can make their life much easier. Here users can save personal data for quick checkout, check order history or available bonuses and subscribe to news and promotions.

Mobile application

We designed MD Fashion Android application from scratch. Our goal was to create an app that could be as functional as website and deliver proper shopping experience to the fans of world-known brands in Ukraine.

50+ screens


Head of Design: Vlad Kyshkan
Designer: Serhii Dziadyk

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